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Cox Triple Play
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  • Get help with Signing up
  • DIY/Professional Installation

Cox Triple Play
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  • Add-on extra DVRs, CableCards
  • Personalize your plans
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Cox Triple Play
Add More to Your Plans

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Subscribers Value Cox Cable

Customer Service

Subscribers can now find nearby Cox service areas and store locations. Moreover, if you want to upgrade you internet plan, want a new Cox service, want to scale up or scale back the existing plan, just call Cox customer service.

6.5 million+ Customers

With millions of satisfied customers and quickly resolved concerns, the Cox customer service phone number can address any of your service needs.

18 States Served

A growing footprint already covering 18 states means you are probably not very far from the provider's internet, cable, and voice services.

10+ Awards

With more than ten customer service recognitions and achievements, the provider has the right mix of people and infrastructure to address customer needs.

Award Winning Cox Customer Support

Award-Winning Cox Customer Support

The customer care quality and overall dedication have led to multiple recognitions. These awards are a symbol of the company prioritizing its customer needs and offering a great service experience. With diverse teams and unique perspectives, the following accolades have been possible:

  • 10-Time WICT Best Cable Operator for Women
  • DiversityInc’s list of Top 50 Companies for Diversity
  • Forbes Best Employers for Diversity
  • 36 awards from J.D. Power and Associates
  • Awards by Multichannel News, PC Magazine, and Frost & Sullivan
  • Consistently ranks high as a customer preference

Get Clarity on Billing Information

Items on your bill confusing you? It happens more often than you might think. And unless you’re familiar with residential services, billing, and regulatory laws, you will likely need more help to understand your bills early on.

The talented reps at Cox Customer Support can help you with all your billing inquiries and concerns. This covers privacy standards, various policies & guidelines, your account details, special promotions and even discussing payment options.

  • Conveniently pay your bills
  • Change billing information
  • Set up automated payments
  • Manage your subscriber account
  • Inquire about late payment fees
  • Check for discounts or promotions
Get Clarity on Billing Information

Whatever You Need, the Cox Phone Number Has the Solution

Subscribers often wonder whether they should call a specific extension or a special tech support number for specific issues. The good news is, you can reach the right people every time simply by calling Cox Customer Support. Get help on things like:

FunctionsPhone Numbers
Sales and Upgrades1-855-858-0771
Technical Support1-855-858-0771
Billing Information1-855-858-0771
General Customer Support1-855-858-0771
Moving to a New Address1-855-858-0771
Business/Corporate Reps1-855-858-0771
Internet and Data Services1-855-858-0771
Promotions and Deals1-855-858-0771
Scaling Back to a Basic Plan1-855-858-0771

Get Details on New Promotional Offers

Just like any other subscriber, you probably look for good deals and saving opportunities all the time. But you could still miss out on an offer that has your name on it.

Call Cox customer service to ask about new info on standalone plans, bundles, and frequent limited-time deals.


Frequently Asked Questions

Get help with finding plans, solving disruptions, getting clarity on billing, and choosing additional data.

Feel free to call whenever you run into a technical issue, service glitch, or have any queries.

For service issues, troubleshooting, and technical repairs, call the Cox Cable Customer Service Number.

Cox Customer Service technical support has knowledgeable reps as well as experienced technicians to address any problem.

We are the 3rd largest IPS by coverage area and covers nearly 20 U.S States. Your area will be covered, for sure. You can call cox customer service at 1-855-858-0771.

We cover around 19 U.S states like Arizona, California, Ohio, Idaho and Georgia. You can call 1-855-858-0771 for the list of areas we cover and can find out any support related Cox internet, cable or any technical failure.

Get Help Finding Plans

Let the reps at customer support help you find the plan you need.

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