Customer Support You Can Count On!

HughesNet lives up to its reputation by providing support whenever you need it the most. Contact support through any medium you find convenient.

On Point Tech Support
On Point Tech Support
  • Resolve connectivity problems
  • Order new equipment
  • Schedule an installation
  • Troubleshoot equipment issues
  • Check equipment repair status
Bill Pay Support
Bill Pay Support
  • Call bill pay number to clear your dues
  • Make bill payments online
  • Send a check via mail
  • Set auto payments
  • Check your bills via the app
Multi-Channel Support
Multi-Channel Support
  • Call for general & technical assistance
  • Get support via the app
  • Access quick help guides
  • Connect with the online community
  • Check social media for updates & offers

HughesNet Mobile App Offers Support on Your Fingertips

On days when you don’t feel like talking to anyone, you can still get general and tech support through the HughesNet mobile app. Instead of dialing the HughesNet customer service number, launch your app and manage your account and services. Get quick support without waiting in a queue.

The app lets you check your account information, pay your bills online, manage your profile, and explore more services. Monitor your data consumption to make sure you don’t run out of data before your next billing cycle. Wait, there’s more. Use the app for testing the WiFi signal strengths anywhere in your house. Have support at your fingertips!

  • HughesNet Pay My Bill for easy online payments
  • Keep track of data consumption with data usage meter
  • Check your account information whenever you like
  • Manage your profile and services
  • Test WiFi signal strength anywhere in your house


HughesNet Mobile App
Unmatched Customer Service of HughesNet

Experience the Unmatched Customer Service of HughesNet

HughesNet always keeps its customers at the center of its business. The provider understands the importance of keeping their subscribers happy. This is why you can expect to receive excellent customer service from the company. They will make sure that none of your queries goes unanswered.

If you are having issues with the company’s service, you can count on HughesNet customer service for help. The provider has a team of talented professionals who will offer you the best technical help. You can reach out to them via the following ways:

  • Call the customer service number
  • Connect with them via social media
  • Visit the provider’s website for help
  • Contact them by using email support



The Unparalleled HughesNet Pay Bill Support

HughesNet gives top priority to its customers. And they never want to leave any stone unturned when it comes to meeting their expectations. Hence, the company goes out of its way to facilitate them in every way possible. The best example of this is the provider’s bill pay process. You will find HughesNet pay the bill procedure to be super simple.

The provider is offering its subscribers multiple ways to pay their dues. One of them is online. You can simply log in to their website and click the option that says My Account. You can then go to My Bill, where you will see the due amount along with payment history and previous invoices. Paying your dues online will save you time. Here are more payment options.

  • You can pay your bills with the Autopay feature
  • Dial the HughesNet Pay the Bill phone number
  • Mail the cheque to your provider’s payment address
  • Log into your HughesNet account to pay the bill


HughesNet Pay Bill Support
Watching Your Favorite Content on Any Device

Get Help Watching Your Favorite Content on Any Device

HughesNet is one of the top satellite internet providers in the country. As the company always thinks about their customers, there are not one but four different HughesNet internet plans that you can subscribe to. But remember that technical issues can surface at any time.

If you are having trouble with the internet service, you can rely on HughesNet customer service for help. Just reach out to them and report your issue. The reps will take care of the problem and will provide you with the best solutions. This is what you can expect from the provider.

  • The company will offer quick solutions to problems
  • All of your queries will be responded timely
  • Talented reps will handle your issues immediately
  • They will provide you with quality solutions


The Types of Customer Support HughesNet Offers

The 3 Main Types
talk to a skilled representative

You can call the provider directly and talk to a skilled representative. They will answer all of your queries promptly, as well as helping customers to HughesNet pay the bill.


You can connect with the provider via email, and they will respond to you within 24 hours. You can fill the email support form which will require details like account number, name, state, and email ID.


The provider is active on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. You can follow them there to find promotions or special offers. You can also lodge complaints or ask for updates.

When To Call the HughesNet Customer Service Number

Find a Store Location

Do you need to visit a store location near you? Call HughesNet customer service to locate the physical store nearest to your zip code.

Pay Bills
Pay Bills Conveniently

Conveniently use the HughesNet Pay My Bill option over the phone, through the provider’s application, or on the website. Get help with payment methods and recurring payments.

Move Your Billing Address

Moving to a new city or state does not necessarily mean going through the additional hassle of locating a new service provider. Get help moving to a new service area.

Troubleshooting and DIY Fixes

Service glitches, while infrequent, usually have very simple fixes to help you resume service ASAP. Get help with troubleshooting and information on DIY fixes from a service rep.

Make Technician Appointments

Certain service problems can be quite technical for the average service subscriber. Find skilled technical support and resources at the provider’s customer service.

Service and Billing Inquiries

Got questions about your billing for this cycle? Need more details on what you are being billed for. The HughesNet pay bill reps can answer any questions you may have.

HughesNet Customer Service Enhances Your Experience

At a time when more and more people are becoming cord-cutters and foregoing conventional services, there is a reason that HughesNet keeps acquiring new subscribers and expanding its footprint. The provider’s excellent and reliable customer service experience is a chief component in this success. With a dependable customer service team at the ready, subscribers have a readily-available source to help them solve any and all service complaints, issues, or queries.

To make things easier and help you connect to the right representatives as quickly as possible, the provider has different teams handling different customer support needs. Get in touch with the team you want at:

FunctionsPhone Numbers
New Subscriptions and Services+1-855-858-0771
Troubleshooting and Tech Support+1-855-858-0771
HughesNet Pay My Bill+1-855-858-0771
Existing Customers Only+1-855-858-0771
New Customers+1-855-858-0771
Report Service Outages+1-855-858-0771
Changing Billing Address+1-855-858-0771
Business and Corporate Clients+1-855-858-0771
Mobile Customer Service+1-855-858-0771

Frequently Asked Questions

HughesNet allows you to pay using the app, through the website, and even on the phone. Just call 1-855-858-0771 for convenient payments.

Use the provider’s official app, or log into your account on the website to access online payments.

Speak to an authorized representative at 1-855-858-0771.

Yes, you can terminate your services at any time, subject to the service agreement at the time of subscription.

Contact 1-855-858-0771 to speak to a representative about the HughesNet return kit.

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