Everything That Makes Optimum Customer Service So Good

The best part about the customer service is that the Altice optimum customer service number is very responsive. Just call to get in touch with an expert representative, and easily find all the answers you need.


Call Altice One Optimum Customer Service When

  • You’re Facing Connection Issues
  • You Have Billing Queries
  • You Want to Change Your Plan

The Best Customer Service Includes

  • Expert Customer Representatives
  • Prompt Technical Support Available
  • Fast Response to Customer Queries
  • Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Get Help with Other Queries Like

  • Information About Deals & Discounts
  • Package Availability in Your Area
  • Features & Add-ons for Your Connection

Pay Your Bills on Time

The best part about being an Optimum subscriber is that you can pay your bills through a wide range of payment options. That means you no longer have to wait in queues at banks or local service outlets. Among a range of payment methods, the provider also offers autopayment options so that you don’t have to call Optimum customer service every time to pay your bills. You can pay your bills via:

  • Bank account
  • Credit card
  • Cash or check
pay bill online
pay bill

Get Continuous Optimum Internet Customer Service

The experienced representatives are skilled at listening to consumer queries and addressing them swiftly. Make sure to clearly explain any issue you have to the customer support executive for them to help you effectively. As an Optimum user, make the best of consistent and reliable customer support from the representatives. Reach out to them get your concern addressed asap through:

  • Phone
  • Internet
  • Email or live support

Reach Out to Cable Support Representative

Contact Altice One Optimum Cable Customer Service

Support Icon

From setting up cable connections to finding the best programs, the customer support team offers guidance on all service matters.


You can get all kinds of support for your Optimum services, including service installations. Reach out to the representatives and they’ll address your queries on an immediate basis.


If you need help with accessing other features of your cable connection, reach out to the support team via telephone and the internet.

Call Optimum Customer Service Telephone Number

To Pay Your Bills
To Pay Your Bills

Paying your service bills has never been easier! Access billing information and pay for your billing cycle with a simple conversation with a billing rep on the Altice One Optimum phone number.

To Configure Features
To Configure Features

All your Optimum services come packed with exciting and sophisticated features. Get help configuring things like voicemail and call screening with an experienced customer service rep.

To Upgrade Plan
To Upgrade Plans

Looking to get more out of your service experience? Call the Optimum Customer Service telephone number to upgrade your plan or add more services in a convenient bundle.

To Replace Equipments
To Replace Equipment

Damaged hardware or equipment can impair your TV, internet, and phone experience. But a quick phone call can help you order replacement equipment from the provider easily.

To Seek Tech Support
To Seek Tech Support

Running into issues that a reset doesn’t fix? The provider has teams of technical support reps that can help you troubleshoot any problems, and even schedule a technician’s appointment.

To Find New Offer
To Find New Offers

Don’t want to miss a good savings opportunity? Altice Optimum Online customer service can offer you all the info you need on frequent new offers, promotions, and deals.

Get Access to Any Type of Support You May Need

Providers like Optimum don’t get to where they are by resting on their laurels. Optimum has supplemented its expansion with an effective customer service infrastructure. Focused on resolving customer complaints and queries as easily as possible, customer support reps offer a range of solutions to meet any customer need.

Not sure what number or extension to dial to report a complaint or ask about a new offer? Check out the table below for the right Optimum customer service telephone number:

FunctionsPhone Numbers
Tech Support+1-855-858-0771
Optimum internet outage+1-855-858-0771
Change in Address+1-855-858-0771
Cable Support+1-855-858-0771
Internet Customer Service+1-855-858-0771
Home Phone Customer Service+1-855-858-0771

Frequently Asked Questions

Just dial 1-855-858-0771

Use the phone associated with your subscription to report.

Get your services transferred to a new address with a simple call: 1-855-858-0771

A billing representative can help you pay your bill over the phone easily.

Grab Your offer today!

Let the reps at customer support help you find the plan you need.

optimum 1-855-858-0771